Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Day A New Year

I can't believe the first day of school has already come and gone!  I have 14 bright and eager learners in my room from all different countries around the world.  I apologize for the drop off in blogging, but I moved into a new classroom and it took a solid week of sorting, organizing, throwing away, and decorating before it felt like it was mine. Take a look:


I'm a VERY organized teacher and I had to know every supply, book, and manipulative had a home before I could even begin thinking about my curriculum!  1 week of coming in 8-5pm and I couldn't be happier!   Check it out!


I love my writing center and the fact that my window area has so much shelving! Thank you so much to Karen Cox at for providing the FREE polka dot labels that I was able to turn into my library and supply labels.

After a hard end of the year I feel so energized to have such a bright, and calm classroom!  I used the "Dots on Turquoise," "Paisley Turquoise," "Stripes and Stitches," and a polka dot and stripes flag banner borders from The Learning Shop to make my classroom feel like an extension of my personality.  I found a really cute white picket fence border that I put along the bottom of all of my windows and will use for our unit on plants.

Ahhhh....I love a beautiful classroom!

Here's to a new day and a new year!!!

~Michelle Louise

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