Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Day Jitters Blog Hop!

I've decided to join Fierce in Fourth's First Day Jitter's Blog Hop!  Every year right before the first day of school I get butterflies--I have a hard time sleeping, I wake up extra early, I giggle for no reason at's kind of like Christmas!  My three First Day Jitters are:

1. Learning how to use Mac products in the classroom effectively.  Our school just acquired MacBooks and iPads for every classroom and I feel very lost as to how to use them other than as substitutes for PCs and notebooks.  I don't want to let my kids (and self) down!

2. I just moved to fifth grade after teaching 2 years of fourth grade and I'm worried about getting back into the swing of things teaching older learners again. They sure seem a lot bigger!

3. Supporting my gifted learners.  Every year I sent out with the goal to create enrichment projects and to spend more time with my gifted learners.  But every year I end up spending lots of time with my low level learners and leave my high level students alone since they already understand the materials.  I'm worried about giving them enough of a challenge. 

Thank you for stopping and reading! I hope you link up!

~Michelle Louise

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